This sacramental process is a two year process for students in 7th grade and above and is offered to students who are baptized. Meetings are scheduled for parents, sponsors, and confirmation candidates. An overnight retreat is part of the process and it allows the candidates to have get away and have an “on the mountain experience” away from their everyday lives. Community service is also a part of preparation.

We are accepting candidates into our program starting this fall with Confirmation of those in grades 8-12 in Spring of 2018. Please register through the Faith Formation page.

How to choose a Confirmation sponsor

Sponsor Information form, due October 29

Sponsor Eligibility form, due October 29

Choosing a Confirmation Name, due Jan 21

DECISION POINT videos   This is the curriculum used in the Confirmation classes. Students, parents and sponsors are encouraged to view these videos, especially when a student is absent from class.

Passport – service componant

Calendar of session and events