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Church People by Fr. Dave Mercer
April 16, 2017
Easter Vigil, Easter Sunday

The Cross by Fr. Dave Mercer
April 14, 2017
Good Friday

Remember by Fr. Dave Mercer
April 13, 2017
Holy Thursday

New Life by Fr. Dave Mercer
April 2, 2017
5th Sunday of Lent

We Choose Light by Fr. Dave Mercer
March 26, 2017
4th Sunday of Lent

Thirsty by Fr. Dave Mercer
March 19 , 2017
3rd Sunday of Lent

You’re Right There by Fr. Dave Mercer
March 12, 2017
2nd Sunday of Lent

Keeping Our Focus by Fr. Dave Mercer
March 5, 2017
1st Sunday of Lent

The Source of Real Happiness by Fr. Brian Shininger, LC
February 26, 2017
8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Eyeglasses of Faith by Fr. Dave Mercer
February 19, 2017
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Falling in Love by Fr. Dave Mercer
February 12, 2017
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time