Liturgy Committee

While the term “liturgy committee” has a peculiarly American ring, its existence is in fact sanctioned – however weakly- in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

All concerned should work together in the effective preparation of each liturgical celebration as to its rites, pastoral aspects and music. (Section 73)

The U.S. Bishops publication Music in Catholic Worship states:

The planning team or committee is headed by the priest for no congregation can experience the richness of a unified celebration if that unity is not grasped by the one who presides, as well as by those who have special roles. The planning group should include those with the knowledge and artistic skills needed in celebration: men and women trained in music, poetry, and art, and familiar with current resources in this area; men and women sensitive also to the present-day thirst of so many for the riches of scripture, theology, and prayer. It is always good to include some members of the congregation who have not taken special roles in the celebrations so that honest evaluations can be made.

Taken from Liturgy Committee Basics, The Pastoral Press, Wash. D.C.

Current members of the Liturgy Committee are:

Joanne Costentino
Charlie Epolite
Cathy De Maria
Sherry Scott
Vicki Schwoob
Shari Smith
Sam Teresi
Sue Winklebleck
Bill Wright
Dina Borromeo