Sunday Hospitality

Our hospitality table after each mass provides a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy and share each other’s company.  It is also a great way to welcome new members of our parish community!  While some people or groups put on quite a spread, it’s really not about the food.  Coffee and donuts, some cookies or fruit along with some cheese are all fine.  It’s the fellowship and relationship building that’s all important!  When you sign up for the first time, the hospitality team can match you up with a veteran to share the load and show you the ropes.  You may also want to consider inviting one of more others in the parish to join you, so that no one has to spend too much effort or too much money.

You can sign up on the clipboard in Becket Hall or call the parish office (408) 378-1595 and ask to speak to the Sunday hospitality chair.