Winter Faith Collaborative

The Diocese of San Jose has asked every parish to prioritize its facilities to shelter the homeless or , if that is not possible, to provide assistance to those who can.  Our homeless support group is fully engaged in the task of providing meals and additional support to the homeless and the poor in our local community and in our diocese in this El Nino year.  We are also concerned to address the longer term issue of affordable housing.

Our Sandwich ministry meets on the third Wednesday of every month.  We meet in Becket Hall starting at 8-8:30 am to prepare lunches for the Social Ministry window at the Cathedral Basilica of St Joseph on Market Street.  The homeless and the poor go to the window to pick up their mail, receive something to eat and referrals to other social services.

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, call the parish office (408) 378-1595 and ask for the Homeless Support group Chair.