Catholic Worker Movement – Casa de Clara

The Catholic Worker Movement was founded by Dorothy Day, one of the four outstanding Americans cited by Pope Francis in his address to the US congress. Catholic Worker Houses are visible signs of the presence of God’s Mercy in our world. Casa de Clara, (, is an alternative Christian Community that takes seriously Jesus’ proclamation that “the Kingdom of God is at hand, by trying to live as if the Gospels were true. [They] do this by practicing the works of Mercy, including offering hospitality to women and children experiencing homelessness, and distributing groceries to needy families in [their] neighborhood.”
This week marks the beginning of a new program, Rooms for Christ, in which several families combine their efforts to provide housing and support for a three month period. A Casa de Clara guest has taken up residence in the home of a supporter, and will live there for three months while continuing to work and save money so she can live on her own. Other families will serve as backups. Another new project, tied to the crisis of homelessness and the need for shelter, is a fund raising campaign to acquire a mobile shower facility to use in their outreach to the homeless.